Unlocking Freedom | Italy

Unlocking Freedom wants to convey the will to unblock the situation of slavery of many poor people in the world, stuck in a
vice of exploitation and deprivation of basic rights. The woman-shaped key represents a person who cannot find the right
connection to unlock his bondage situation. But it is precisely through better connections and more effective communication
that we will be able to intercept these situations of injustice and stop them. The person-key represents all of us, we are the key
capable of finding a form that creates responsible collective action to assert the rights of all.

Shadows After Dark | Belgium

The idea behind my poster is the laughing doll. She’s laughing at the outside but inside she’s crying. I began thinking of women in sexual abuse. They’re suffering so much but you can’t look trough their smile. They’re also trapped, and that’s why there’s a fence in front of the doll(s). Behind the left doll you can see her her shadows. They represent how many faces one person can have. Women in sexual abuse are not themselves. They’re just acting. I worked with pink as head color because it’s typical for barbie dolls. The rest is just black and dark because that’s mysterious.

“20xx” | China

With human traffickers using ever-changing methods and younger victims, more and more people are falling into the hands of human traffickers. “20xx” this work constitutes elements and the use of color has strong abstractness and characterization of sex, geometry is the secret of beauty and everything in the world can be used geometry to survey, it is the most simple the most concise, image design, at the same time, it is the most extensive and profound, connotation is rich, modelling is the most perfect design. The circles in the work represent trafficked people, while the rectangles form cages to guard trafficked people. The author hopes to use his work to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Three eyes | China

According to legend, ancient gods have “three eyes” and also called “open sky eyes”. The middle eyes are standing

up, called sky eyes, just like the eyes of the sky, they can see things that mortals can’t see with naked eyes.

There is no escape from evil.

The work sees all the good, evil, beauty and ugliness in the world through three eyes, advocates the prevention of

human trafficking, emphasizes protecting one’s own safety, and resists the dangers and consequences of human

trafficking. The work reveals from the side that human trafficking is subject to laws. Sanctions,