The Shadow Path | France

In my poster I wanted to represent the hide side of human traffic, by putting the font in the shape of the shadow of the men.
In the foreground you can see a man, naked and striate of shadows, like some part of his body was missing, inspired by the sentence “You can see a mans face but never his heart”
Behind, the words “stop human traffic”, mould the shape of the man’s shadow, to remind people that it is something hidden in the dark and at the same time a sad reality.
Some ridges are placed all over the poster, they are in the shape of the ones on the man’s body and they represent furrows of blood and pain.

eparation of bone and flesh | China

This work describes that the black hand of human trafficking will break up an otherwise happy family, and the blood and flesh of relatives will be separated.This work calls for more people to pay attention to the problem of human trafficking. Only when the whole society is united, can the criminal behavior against human trafficking be stopped.

The Shopping List | Cyprus

The poster seeks to addresses the main reasons why human trafficking occurs. The people being trafficked become a commodity and thus fall into the background as mere objects, whereas the reasons they are trafficked become more important thus come to the foreground, similar to shopping list, fulfilling ‘customers” desires. This transaction is devoid of feeling, remorse and humanity. It is as cold and calculated as a visit to the supermarket.