Human Trafficking Redlight District-Female Robot | Taiwan

In the red light districts of the Netherlands, there are many girls who have been trafficked. They are forced to engage in sex works in the red light districts for several hours.
This issue touched me deeply, so I designed the female robot to be controlled to do her unwilling sex works. The bikini and lipstick on her body are designed as barcodes, indicating that they are victims of human trafficking.

At A Moment’s Notice | United States

For this design, I wanted to emphasize to the viewer that anyone can be abducted if they are not aware of their surroundings. So I decided the best way to depict that was to show the shadow of an individual being dragged away as the main body continues to move forward. This is to insinuate that someone can be abducted at a moment’s notice. And utilizing a mix of traditional and digital mediums I was able to create a piece that is quite simple, and that I feel educates the viewers to stay safe and be cautious of sketchy areas.

Stop Human Trafficking | China

The main idea is to call for “stop human trafficking”. According to the design idea of “please do not pick flowers”. As a design idea, the record is made into a flower shape and people are compared to flowers to call for people to stop human trafficking The head raised in the heart of the flower means to be strong and hopeful although hurt.

Hope | China

I hope that after I have emphasized the consequences of human trafficking and advocated the prevention of human trafficking, I hope that people who have been trafficked will yearn for freedom and colorful life even if they are deep in the quagmire.