eparation of bone and flesh | China

This work describes that the black hand of human trafficking will break up an otherwise happy family, and the blood and flesh of relatives will be separated.This work calls for more people to pay attention to the problem of human trafficking. Only when the whole society is united, can the criminal behavior against human trafficking be stopped.

2 Break The Chain | Cyprus

The idea focuses on corruption and bad people who are represented as the trash. From that garbage bag emerges smoke like swirls trying to grasp a hold on their victims, capturing, grooming and trafficking them like a chain of events. But there is hope and a positive outcome as the victims are escaping. The trafficking ring is clustered at the top like bubbles, but they are bursting and birds fly out signifying freedom and success demonstrating that awareness, working together and being smart can defeat the evil organisations and break the chain of this horrible industry. The type on the yellow tape is a warning and emphasized in bold type on the left to inform the public to be vigilant and to be aware.

Human trafficking | Bulgaria

The poster depicts an outstretched hand, which is stylized behind bars. It is as if he is in a bloody prison, amid the
horror and panic that remain hidden from society. Simple, stylized, but at the same time influential enough. The
vision makes the viewer think, to experience the feeling that a person feels when he is a victim of trafficking.