Choice | Bosnia and Herzegovina

This poster features the metaphors for our society faced with the issue of human trafficking and crime in general: the red hand representing the oppressors and devastation they cause, the white hand conveying the voiceless suffering of victims and culture in peril and the green hand representing the rest of society – those still in power to make things right. We all have a choice to either offer a helping hand or to look away, accept crime and be a part of it. It is a call to change ourselves so we can all have a better future, to realise what the real problems are and to help by listening, educating and protecting others.

OURS | Turkey

Today, human trafficking is a cruelty that should be ashamed of humanity. It is necessary to raise awareness about this persecution. While you are looking at this poster today, about 2 more people fell victim to human trafficking. Hope this poster will be a voice for all the victims whose lives have lived in captivity.

The Darkness is Watching You | United States

My poster illustrates a vulnerable human being, who is being hanged in a slaughterhouse, which is a metaphor for human trafficking. I used undergrounded eyes to represent the darkness because predators are always looking for the next target, which makes criminals become others’ abyss. Those criminals use the money to exploit labor or even the human’ body, making the victim became a lamb to the slaughter. Most victims will never know their future, just like their eyes being covered.