The World Behind Glass | United States

This poster shows how the issue of sex trafficking is a global problem, especially for women. Not only is this a horrible issue that attacks the lives of many young women on an international level, but it is also something that has been so easily gotten away with. I used the representation of women of all races in a vending machine to show how easily these human beings are trafficked. The imagery I have created also shows how accessible and cheap these women are treated. It is sad they are treated as if they are the junk food in a vending machine.

The Darkness is Watching You | United States

My poster illustrates a vulnerable human being, who is being hanged in a slaughterhouse, which is a metaphor for human trafficking. I used undergrounded eyes to represent the darkness because predators are always looking for the next target, which makes criminals become others’ abyss. Those criminals use the money to exploit labor or even the human’ body, making the victim became a lamb to the slaughter. Most victims will never know their future, just like their eyes being covered.

Rebirth | China

The chair symbolizes what traps children and make them want to escape from, and the red ropes are broken showing that the whole thing can be changed by us. The end of the ropes illustrate hands, which means stopping trafficking needs help from the public. We can help, and they can have a different life.