let me hear you | China

This poster encourages people not to be silent majority, in the face of human trafficking,we should be brave to make their own voice, so that more people hear our voice. The back of the poster struggled behind the glass wall to get out, but his voice became more and more blurred. Black hands represent silence, white hands represent hope. One more power, one more voice, the world will become better. What we want to hear is: let us hear you, not: shut up.

Small fears | Italy

In the poster I wanted to focus on different points. The photo shows a malnourished child, blindfolded and tagged. He feels discomfort and fear. We can see how on the label there is a number and not a name and it is also blindfolded to ensure that it does not recognize the place.

The sad women | China

Diagram describes a trafficked women sad situation, behind her with a rope is the background of the composition of the cage, and human trafficking of people only speak of their country as the money, so the female figure is composed of money, and I will female image with twists and turns of rope, said mean they don’t want to but can’t escape. Hope to arouse people’s attention.