The negative space shows the Africani flag. It’s shaped by two human bodies, that are representing citizens of the WORLD.
As you can see, there is a skin texture which reminds of the idea that we all are human and none of us should be deprived of the rights of freedom.

I believe this poster is not the best so far, but I gace my best and I was very honored to participate to the reggae poster contest !
Thank you for organising it


Rebirth | China

The chair symbolizes what traps children and make them want to escape from, and the red ropes are broken showing that the whole thing can be changed by us. The end of the ropes illustrate hands, which means stopping trafficking needs help from the public. We can help, and they can have a different life.

let me hear you | China

This poster encourages people not to be silent majority, in the face of human trafficking,we should be brave to make their own voice, so that more people hear our voice. The back of the poster struggled behind the glass wall to get out, but his voice became more and more blurred. Black hands represent silence, white hands represent hope. One more power, one more voice, the world will become better. What we want to hear is: let us hear you, not: shut up.

Where are you | China

The families of abducted children are broken up, and the toll on parents and children is enormous, but the toll cannot be felt by outsiders. Through the figures in the shadows, the poster conveys the voiceless cry of the abducted children in the dark and the silence of the families forced to face the reality. This kind of external silence does not represent the abandonment of the children, but implies that the pain and lifelong regret cannot be seen from the outside.

Caged | Bangladesh

In my poster, I desired to paint how the shackles of human trafficking are caging innocent souls. I attempted to paint them via a flying eagle, the symbol of freedom. The eagle is fading which is representing the gradual loss of their existence because of this torment.