Dangerous Words | Italy

The poster illustrates the hand of a person trying to reach the freedom that had been stolen from them. This hand is taken aback from a rope that forms the word “words”, which symbolizes those cursed words, but that feel hopeful, said to recruit the victim.
On the bottom left of the poster I used a phrase that was written on the brief to give more information about the topic.
I wanted to focus on the the way that the victims could get recruited for human trafficking, to bring awareness that trust is not always a good thing in this world and the consequences it could bring.

broken | China

In the impression that balloons are a symbol of people’s innocence and happiness,
the human trafficking movement has destroyed countless beautiful families and destroyed the meaning of balloons.
Broken balloons represent broken families in the trafficking movement.

OURS | Turkey

Today, human trafficking is a cruelty that should be ashamed of humanity. It is necessary to raise awareness about this persecution. While you are looking at this poster today, about 2 more people fell victim to human trafficking. Hope this poster will be a voice for all the victims whose lives have lived in captivity.