The Darkness is Watching You | United States

My poster illustrates a vulnerable human being, who is being hanged in a slaughterhouse, which is a metaphor for human trafficking. I used undergrounded eyes to represent the darkness because predators are always looking for the next target, which makes criminals become others’ abyss. Those criminals use the money to exploit labor or even the human’ body, making the victim became a lamb to the slaughter. Most victims will never know their future, just like their eyes being covered.

Rebirth | China

The chair symbolizes what traps children and make them want to escape from, and the red ropes are broken showing that the whole thing can be changed by us. The end of the ropes illustrate hands, which means stopping trafficking needs help from the public. We can help, and they can have a different life.

Dangerous Words | Italy

The poster illustrates the hand of a person trying to reach the freedom that had been stolen from them. This hand is taken aback from a rope that forms the word “words”, which symbolizes those cursed words, but that feel hopeful, said to recruit the victim.
On the bottom left of the poster I used a phrase that was written on the brief to give more information about the topic.
I wanted to focus on the the way that the victims could get recruited for human trafficking, to bring awareness that trust is not always a good thing in this world and the consequences it could bring.