Lost Childhood | Bangladesh

The act of human trafficking violates the fundamental human rights that an individual possesses by robbing victims of their home, culture and childhood moving them to unknown land and putting them through abuse and trauma. Children who were supposed to grow up playing with friends and engaging in their native culture are robbed of any such opportunity.So we have to strive to raise awareness among those who are vulnerable in order to minimize the cases of human trafficking.

Human Not For Sale | Indonesia

Humans are not goods for sale. They are living and living creatures of God. They were created as noble and glorified beings. Don’t because you’re rich, you can buy anything including someone’s life. Reject all things that can trap you into a dark zone, and lead to a bright life. No figure can guarantee a person’s price to buy. Get lost, bad guy, don’t disturb the living man.

The shadow hand | China

① The outline of the eyes is made up of two seemingly round and warm hands holding a piece of sugar.
② The fact that the hand shows a bigger shadow of the palm in the back is the truth. Different fingers imply different English meanings.From left to right: a mask represents cheat, a hoe represents slavery, a saw represents exploitation, a lipstick represents temptation, and a scalpel represents operation.
③ What appears in the shadow is not only the truth of the palm, but also a seed that seems to represent hope, which reflects money interests.


This Art represents -“Ambition, the soldier’s virtue and navigator for Nation’s every trauma. The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves to serve what is behind him. Soldier, a hero is someone who is crazy and passionately given his /her life to something bigger than oneself. It is a proud privilege to be a soldier – a marvelous soldier … with discipline, self-respect, pride, a high sense of duty, and obligation not only to his superiors but for community and society. A self-confident personality born of demonstrated ability and with myth to serve for Community, Society, and Nation. And if we talk about innocent children and young generations’ safety and care -A beautiful creation of the Almighty GOD then without any dread astonishingly perform for commitment for not only mankind but every creature. Heartily! An Enormous Salute to our Great Warriors-Our Soldiers.