Where are you | China

The families of abducted children are broken up, and the toll on parents and children is enormous, but the toll cannot be felt by outsiders. Through the figures in the shadows, the poster conveys the voiceless cry of the abducted children in the dark and the silence of the families forced to face the reality. This kind of external silence does not represent the abandonment of the children, but implies that the pain and lifelong regret cannot be seen from the outside.

Caged | Bangladesh

In my poster, I desired to paint how the shackles of human trafficking are caging innocent souls. I attempted to paint them via a flying eagle, the symbol of freedom. The eagle is fading which is representing the gradual loss of their existence because of this torment.

YOU ARE WORTHY | Indonesia

You are WORTHY, regardless of your past. Maybe you are a victim, or maybe an acquaintance of yours is a victim of human trafficking. But one thing you must always remember: you remain precious.

Just like a lotus flower symbolizes rebirth, you can have a second chance. You deserve to live your future like everyone else, or even better!

Reborn and be like a gold. Doesn’t matter if the gold is placed in a jewelry shop or has been thrown into the trash bin, gold will never lose its value, just like you. You are WORTHY.

Lost Childhood | Bangladesh

The act of human trafficking violates the fundamental human rights that an individual possesses by robbing victims of their home, culture and childhood moving them to unknown land and putting them through abuse and trauma. Children who were supposed to grow up playing with friends and engaging in their native culture are robbed of any such opportunity.So we have to strive to raise awareness among those who are vulnerable in order to minimize the cases of human trafficking.