Reggae Messages of Jamaica | United States

Because the theme is being the ‘Messages from Jamaica” I’ve decided to take it quite literally and craft a poster that shows exactly that – Jamaican flag used as a mail delivered envelope. A Red-billed streamertail (Trochilus polytmus) bird is a national treasure of Jamaica. This one is part of a series of posters I’ve created for this contest that is briefly based on a mail-stamp format. It’s pretty confident and not afraid to appear as a minimal (minimalist) and simplistic in its appearance. I work with visual elements and type which I treat similarly – as an element. I’d like them all to flow in unison and compliment each other to create a perfectly balanced poster.

“Reggaeneration” | Mexico

El Reggae se transmite por generaciones y fluye como la sangre en nuestros corazones. Nos hace querer heredarlo para que perdure. Crea un lazo intangible en el mundo sin importar distinciones, unificandonos para convertirnos en uno mismo. Así logramos ser más los que lo compartimos con los que amamos.

Peace | Slovenia

Reggae’s the most known message to the world. Peace. In the rasta colours and in tropical vibes and shapes. As message of Reggae music is reminding on social and political issues, so does the poster have “issues” – skrcatches. It is not perfect, just as our world. All the background is in rasta colours, symbolising the Reggae music. The symbol peace is in red colour as an irony to it’s meaning in rasta colours – blood. It is a provocative reminder that most of the times peace was achieved through a lot of blood, war and darker times of our society. This is why we must appreciate peace and spread this message to the world, just as music does.