ANNA-JOWIK_for_IRPC2020 | Poland

My poster is a tribute to Koffee, who is the first woman to win a grammy award in the Best Reggae Album category for 2019. Koffee music brings back memories of the first masters of reggae music, although Koffee is only 20 years old. That is why this young promising singer deserves her place in The Reggae Hall Of Fame. The graphic form chosen by me is also a reference to the old school of graphic arts.

Music Love | Poland

For me the most important thing about Reggae or any genre of music is to just enjoy it. This is universal. Just love it for whatever reason you like. I always focused more on the instrumental side of music and my favourite Reggae genre is Dub. I love it’s minimalism, grittiness and unpredictability. In my poster I tried to pay homage to the DIY Dub scene also including self made, monochromatic posters and record covers which I really like.

Be happy! | Russia

Reggae music remains highly popular and influential throughout the whole world. It is all about freedom, positive energy and happiness. That is why in my poster I wanted to portray a message of happiness, unification with nature and reggae music. Across the whole composition of the poster we can notice how the lion’s mane is gradually turning into lush and verdant foliage where the letters of the word “Reggae” are gently intertwined with the whole composition at multiple layers. At certain points the leaves are revealing and hiding certain elements of typography backed up by light and shadow elements that create depth and volume. Here everything is connected, everything is part of the rhythm that the lion is in tune with.