Reggae: The Real King of Jamaican Music | Pakistan

Since its inception way back in 1968, Reggae is the widest known Jamaican music genre in the world. It deserves to be seen and revered by us for its colorful, vibrant, strengthening and versatile style. My poster, in the form of a playing card – the King card, is designed to depict all these concepts, and shows how various instruments are encompassed to form a singular harmony. The king card concept is also a nod to Kingston in Jamaica, where Reggae music was culturally born.

All Wi Doin is Defendin | Greece

Since his first poetry collection in 1972 he has used his words to formulate the struggle of black youth in the United Kingdom, emphasizing social injustice, political injustice and police violence. Linton Kwesi Johnson was a poet He put his lyrics to reggae music to represent black voices. Through his music he became the representative of the black community. He wrote the feelings and outlook of the besieged Brixton people.

Love and Courage | Indonesia

My poster depicts the identity of reggae music filled with love and courage through the symbols of a lion, guitar, heart with colors that represent the energetic and joyful Jamaican community. Through his songs Bob Marley voiced love to others with courage against oppression, greed, discrimination and injustice. This is a message from Jamaica delivered to the world, until now Bob Marley’s songs have inspired the world community.