PULL UP WORLD! | Portugal

Reggae music from Jamaica to the world. Here, the well-known Jamaican expression “Pull up” is used, used in many genres of this musical style, requesting another round from the beginning of the song. In this metaphor the planet appears in constant “Pull up”, similar to the prosperity of reggae around the world, spinning on the Jamaican turntable. Associated with this graphic metaphor is a hand with a bracelet in the colors of reggae, as if the reggae had just started / finished turning to the world again.

Anything to declare | Italy

I love the music and above all the history and the stories behind every kind of music. The mento music is a style of Jamaican folk music that predates and has greatly influenced ska and reggae music. In my research I got hit the pictures of colorful instruments and I tried to draw this instrument, the rumba box, only luggage declared by this girl, reminding in these times where it could be always possible to travel and to take a piece of own cultural heritage without barriers, suspicions and marginalization. In this direction the message from Jamaica and its musical heritage through reggae is and has always been colorful claiming of peace and fight.
“Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior, is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned…. everywhere is war….”BOB MARLEY

REGGAE-Peace,freedom and love | China

The lion and green, gold and red are the original and the most classic visual symbols of reggae music. Bob Marley is the typical visual symbol that made reggae music popular in the world. The dove and green circle are common visual symbols representing world peace. The sun represents hope and the future.The vinyl record serves as background elements, commemorating the 60’s when reggae music was first recorded, remembered and spread. Reggae music brings a sense of divine rhythm and fusion, making people unable to help closing their eyes and following the music, so the overall tone is dark, but it gives off a colorful glow. The application of circle and triangle in the composition is also intended to reflect this feeling of rhythm, fusion and mystery.