Reggae’s contribution to world’s development | Ukraine

I used modular design approach to focus on the global issues that are expressed in Reggae. The design is divided into parts which showcase Reggae music and Jamaican culture along with elements that address problems ranging from poverty and health to climate change by referring to sustainable development goals (SDG). Together, all these parts create holistic pattern which stands for the role of music as a mobilizing force in the international attitude towards solving humankind problems and making sustainable development earn the world’s attention. This pattern also portrays a flag which stripes are going up to the right corner symbolizing growth. I also decided to merge Reggae-related elements with contemporary design to represent this genre as one which has vibrant history and is up to date at the same time. You can decipher parts of the poster into elements like vinyl records, palms, Jamaican flag and a boom box. A slightly different tints of traditional red, green and yellow colors were chosen to add freshness. I wanted to express how the fusion of visual art with the deep sense of Reggae music and the vibe of Jamaican culture can make this world better by informing people about the SDGs.

Jammin! | United States

In my design, I have depicted a dreadlocked woman with her hair covering her face, wearing a blue set of headphones, a red shirt with a heart, and gold charms in her hair. Above her head reads ” We’re Jammin!” in green and red, with golden music notes floating. Finally, she has pink lips and a white line across her neck showing the vibrations flowing through her from the music.

Freedom | India

This poster is titled as ‘Freedom’ as it depicts the freedom of mind from all the sorrow and distress, by listening to the Reggae music. The birds represent the freedom and are colored as red, yellow, and green which are the colors of the Rasta flag. The poster also depicts the growth of the mind. As Bob Marley quotes “None but ourselves can free our minds.”, the poster depicts a man holding the top part of his head to free his mind from all the negative thoughts.

Live In Colors | Mexico

This is a poster made with love, starring my dog named Twiinky, which was very helpful to be able to transmit on the poster that you can enjoy this musical genre regardless of who you are, because reggae is expressed from the heart to which it opens to listen to it and enjoy it.