The reggae prince | Poland

While I was creating this poster, i felt really inspired by the little prince story from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry book. I wanted to tell, that reggae world is like a different planet, is something that is always near us and its always somewhere close, doesn’t matter where you are, in which part of our planet. Reggae music is something unique, something like from a different universe, but in the same time feels so natural, like the beat of our hearts. It’s teaching us how to be better persons, like the little prince does.

REGGAE Dancing Poster | United States

A type-based atmospheric Dancing Poster is another way I’m exploring the Reggae phenomenon. This Poster isn’t afraid to get dirty, minimal and explore a literal twist from the center outwards. The challenge was to capture a very particular vibe and aesthetic with no other visuals but letters and textures. The backdrop is the beginning of 80s – me sitting in a sunny living room in my birth town Riga, being 3 years old, playing with the swedish cubes, retro music on the background. I’m happy! I love this design, brings me back to that moment.

Reggae Music Will Make You Happy | Sri Lanka

This is a typographic poster design. In the poster it simply gives the message `Reggae Music Will Make you happy’ in a creative design. So, the message is that Reggae music is a therapy that can change a person’s mood into happy. The ultimate message from the poster to the world is, whatever mood you’re on, whatever situation you’re in, listening to reggae will makes you happy. With happiness there is peace.
Colors used are the colors of reggae culture.

No Woman, No Cry… Stay or Pass | Iran

“No Woman, No Cry” is a song by Bob Marley and the Wailers, and is one of the most famous reggae songs ever written. The meaning is “Women! Do not cry !”. Talks about growing up in the slum or ghetto and watching the struggles that a woman goes through and assuring her that everything is going to be alright. At its simplest level, the song is sung by a man trying to calm his wife, the song gives hope and assurance to women amidst the harsh realities of life.
In this poster, “No Woman, No Cry” has been repeated line by line and has been tried to represent different textures to show the movement and mood of different people.
Putting the letter “O” three times together in red, yellow and green is a symbol of traffic lights or rules. Repeating it in two places on the poster emphasizes it.
Here it tells women that you can have three choices .Red: You can stay in the dark. Yellow: Help yourself. Green: Overcoming Problems. The choice is yours. Stay or pass.
And by repeating the words in the poster, he says calm down, don’t cry, and this repetition is for everyone to have hope for the future. The poster has an appealing bitter-sweet feeling. The repetition of words illustrates the bitter conditions of society. On the other hand, enjoyable forms convey good sense and hope. Hope is felt in happy forms. Hope is different in different people. And in the end, this clarity and ambiguity of the words express the intensity of hope.