Strings of Peace | United States

When I first started this Poster I Knew I wanted to incorporate the name of Reggae with some instrument that has a symbolic meaning to Reggae. I also wanted to incorporate the Jamaican flag since Reggae and Rastafari culture originate from there. I chose to incorporate the peace sign into the guitar strings because it symbolizes the heavy use of the acoustic guitar in reggae music and how it helped spread the message of reggae which is peace and love.

Reggae as a music of our Planet | Russia

In this poster we can see our Planet that listens to reggae music wearing headphones. This music is like a worlwide message (and the phrase in the work is about this), that’s why the main character is the whole Planet. Reggae delights the listener and sends a good mood. The Earth is smiling and looks at the neighbouring stars. These sounds make the Planet and us get into their atmosphere.