2019 7th International reggae music Poster Competition 2019第七届国际雷鬼音乐海报大赛 | China

International reggae music posters are used to spread and promote reggae music, a Jamaican pop music evolved from ska and rock steady music, which has become the mainstream of rock music in the world. In the poster, I used “n” and “d” as the first letters of “nuclear” and “disarmament”. The symbol of peace links all kinds of people’s worship of reggae music in the way of relay. It has a general name of unity and peace and music.
国际雷鬼音乐海报用以传播、弘扬雷鬼音乐——一种由斯卡(Ska)和洛克斯代迪(Rock Steady)音乐演变而来的牙买加流行音乐,已经成为世界摇滚音乐的主流。海报中我用了“N”和“D”是“Nuclear”和“Disarmament”的第一个字母,和平标志把各种人对雷鬼音乐的崇拜用接力的方式连系在一起,有一种团结和和平与音乐的总称。

Reggae for Life | United States

The heart of Reggae is to Love the life, Resist the ennui, Free from oppression, and to Act. And I believe that is the exact message that the world needs now. People are caging themselves in virtual worlds of internet and SNS and “smart” things, while forgetting what really is real, what their lives can actually do, and as a lover of Reggae music and as an artist, I just cannot stand that. I shout with the poster I made : “Reggae for Life”, expressing my love of the music and the culture(Reggae ‘for life’), and shouting out that Reggae will save our lives(Reggae for ‘Life’).


My design is inspired by a reggae song : AFRICA WE LOVE by Nasio Fontaine.
I used the shape of the African continent as a base and my idea was to use the African WAX, which I always find very interesting graphically and this is an African symbol used in each country of this wonderful continent. . My goal was to create a fresco of African colors with a wax representing the shape of each country. The typography of this magnificent message “africa we love”
is also in wax and is like an extension of the continent. There is also a dedication to this great artist of reggae music : we find the face of Nasio Fontaine in central africa, and a special wax with triple heart in Ethiopia to symbolize the cradle of humanity and the love i have for this country that i had the chance to visit in 2009.
Reggae is always connected to Africa, and reggae fans have much respect and love for this continent, so I use this design to express ONE LOVE and JAH BLESS AFRICA !!!

No Woman, No Cry… Stay or Pass | Iran

“No Woman, No Cry” is a song by Bob Marley and the Wailers, and is one of the most famous reggae songs ever written. The meaning is “Women! Do not cry !”. Talks about growing up in the slum or ghetto and watching the struggles that a woman goes through and assuring her that everything is going to be alright. At its simplest level, the song is sung by a man trying to calm his wife, the song gives hope and assurance to women amidst the harsh realities of life.
In this poster, “No Woman, No Cry” has been repeated line by line and has been tried to represent different textures to show the movement and mood of different people.
Putting the letter “O” three times together in red, yellow and green is a symbol of traffic lights or rules. Repeating it in two places on the poster emphasizes it.
Here it tells women that you can have three choices .Red: You can stay in the dark. Yellow: Help yourself. Green: Overcoming Problems. The choice is yours. Stay or pass.
And by repeating the words in the poster, he says calm down, don’t cry, and this repetition is for everyone to have hope for the future. The poster has an appealing bitter-sweet feeling. The repetition of words illustrates the bitter conditions of society. On the other hand, enjoyable forms convey good sense and hope. Hope is felt in happy forms. Hope is different in different people. And in the end, this clarity and ambiguity of the words express the intensity of hope.

Beats of Freedom | Colombia

The feeling of freedom and peace, while we are listening the sounds of Reggae, is the concept for this poster. This is one of the many messages that the lyrics have in their songs, around the world is heard and felt. The desire for peace, freedom, protest for what is wrong, the passion of wanting to live in harmony with all characterize the culture of Reggae.