AFRICAN POSTMAN (a message from Jamaica) is an original artwork specifically made for IRPC’20.
this poster is dedicated to Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear and the title, inspired by one of his famous tune,
is a tribute to him, one of the greatest authors who spread jamaican music and Jah message.

Reggae Vibes | United States

Because the theme is being the ‘Messages from Jamaica” I’ve decided to craft a series of posters briefly based on a mail-stamp format. I work with visual elements and type which I treat similarly (as an element). I’d like them all to work in unison and compliment each other to create a perfectly balanced epic poster. The pattern used on a record (vinyl) was created from plurality of elements and layers and explored in a broader way in another design of mine called a “Smoking Record”. Several textures, a retro atmosphere and a bright colors against the muted colors of the background – are all a big part of this design.