Who am I?

Adam, Dre, Hutchy, Andre…Hutchinson.

A 40-year-old Jamaican graphic designer, Illustrator with interest in many things including the environment, writing, and human behavior.

“Why did he just do what he did?”

‘Why is he earth trying to kill us?”

“How can I express these ideas so someone can understand these concepts and questions?”

I’ve been like his for as long as I can remember, (and I can remember up to 5yrs)…I’ve been quite a curious lad, but the spark became really lit in 1998 when I found myself attending Edna Manley College from then to 2001 I’ve been carving my design path: working with Design firms, Adverting Agencies, 24 and 3 person design teams, various clients and brands…locally, regionally and internationally.

I’ve written copy, created illustrations, designed campaigns and guided brands. I’ve been a design lead, an implementer of others ideas and been sorted out for my expertise, all the while using my curiosity to find a different angle, a point of view you didn’t know you would agree with. I’ve written articles and been in articles, participated in the design culture as a ‘lead by example” leader. 

“Yes, design can take you there…”

“Yes, the arts is a viable career path…”

Even a designer from a relatively small island can compete and make an impact within the world-class design industry.

So my tool or motif of choice which pays homage to the second most important tool in the design/art world next to the creative mind…the pencil!

A wonderful tool that has been around for all my life and others. I promote it in my illustrations every chance I get, giving products life and stiffer points.

Forever punctuating my words and scribble…