Byoungil-Sun was Born in 1958, in Korea. He is a graphic designer based in Seoul.
Since 1995, he has been a professor in Visual Information Design at Namseoul University.
He is a graduate of Visual Communication Design at Hongik University, where he receiving his Master’s degree in 2005. (Ph., D. degree in Arts)
Byoungil-Sun has been awarded various prizes such as the Presidential Award for his contribution to the development of design at the Government of the Republic of Korea, the Minister of Education and the Minister of Industry Award at the International Awards Golden Bee of Graphis in Taiwan, Red dot, China-Italy design week, Gdie, Ekoplakt, Information war, World without violence, Reggae Poster Contest, Mandela Poster Project, Poster for tomorrow and 160 int’l selections with posters.
He has also served on the juries of numerous international design competitions such as Slovakia, Belarus, Lublin, France, Iran, China, Turkey, Ukraine, Korea
He gave selected talks at a tutorial special lecture in ICOGRADA, Nottingham Trent University in UK, Poland PJAIT university, Indonesia UNTAR university and IPEK (International Poster Exhibition Korea : Korea-China-Japan-Taiwan).
He has participated in solo exhibitions, both in Korea and abroad ( notably in London, Canberra, Osaka, Akita, Beijing, Turkey, Indonesia. Poland).
He was the Chair at the Hongik Communication Design Forum in 2011 and at Korea Institute of Cultural Product & Design in 2005 over the years.
Poster Collections
Library of congress Washington DC, USA, Moscow Golden Bee, Colorado University, Lahti, Chaumont, Toyama, Mexico, Beijing, 4th Block Kharkov, Modium museum Seoul, Iang gallery Seoul, Shunzen Museum China. Taiwan CPC centre. etc.