Studied: Central St Martins School of Art and Design.
Work: Freelance Graphic Artist/Illustrator

My love for drawing and image making began at a very early age, fascinated by the idea of how thoughts and emotions, everyday life observations, or even historical events can take form on the paper creating a visual spectacle for the viewers to immerse themselves in.

In recent years my inspiration to create art is derived mainly from the music world. In particular from the rhythms and vibes of ska, rocksteady, roots, dub and of course the Jamaican Soundsystem. The story of the Jamaican people rising from the ghettos in a musical revolution.

In my years of studying 1996-1999, I had the chance to experience the soundsystem culture in London attending the big dances in Brixton Academy and of course the Notting Hill carnival. Later on, I was involved in the local Reggae ‘n Soundsystem scene here in Cyprus until I built my own sound called Rhythm in Green.

So naturally, my work as an artist is so much in tune with the music I love. Reggae music.

My work always starts as a rough idea/sketch on a piece of paper. That is after I’ve done my research of course. If it’s a personal work of art I usually get inspired by something for days and then I brainstorm and sketch a lot. Slowly I move into more final decisions and step by step the image appears.

I have created work for VP Records JAM-USA, Coney Island Reggae on the Boardwalk USA, Lions den/ Black Redemption GER/USA, Ras-EFX UK, Sound System Sanskriti INDIA, Rising Sound COSTA RICA, Red-i Soundsystem PHILIPPINES to mention but a few…

It is truly a fascinating narrative and it constantly drives me to continue my artistic expression, delving deeper into undiscovered boundaries and finding ever more exciting and fulfilling projects and individuals to work with and for.