Eric Boelts is the current principal and owner of Brain Bolts and the past principal and co-founder of Boelts Bros. He has a BFA in graphic design and an MBA in entrepreneurship and marketing – both from the University of Arizona. Eric’s passion for teaching blended with his interest in the intersection of art and business in the world of design has led him to lecture at universities and colleges around the country. Eric has garnered hundreds of awards in numerous design competitions, with a focus on posters, throughout the world including the Czech Republic, Bolivia, Mexico, England, Canada, Russia, Poland and the USA. Eric is a member of many design and marketing organizations, serves as a board member for agencies and companies and has judged design competitions internationally and domestically. Eric currently resides in Boulder, Colorado and is married with two children and the world’s smallest dog. He runs long distances, paints with watercolor, is addicted to basketball and can both draw with a pencil and use a spreadsheet.