Li Xu, the founder and art director of Beijing Art A&B Design, He is an Assistant Professor of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China. He is a project consultant of Virtual Biennale Prague 2015-Prague International Art & Design Exhibition.
Li Xu has lectured and taught workshop around the world. Li Xu is one of the founders and curator of Beijing Art& Design camp 2019 .The 1st International Poster Festival of Shenzhen and Zi Hui-US & China Typographic Poster Exchange Exhibition. Asia /Next – Poster Experimental Design Exhibition etc.
He has participated also as a member of the jury in 12 international poster festivals and competitions in France ,Greece , Poland , Italy, Serbia, South Korea, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Kyrgyz Republic,Mexico Turkey and Latvia Li Xu Solo design exhibitions were held at Seoul Iang Gallery. GuanShanYue Gallery .Alliance Francaise Bucaramanga of Senghor Gallery in Colombia. Spotkania Kultur CSK Gallery in Poland. Australia Adelaide kerry packer Civic gallery. Li Xu Chinese interactive poster exhibition were held at Dubai Design Week 2018. Li Xu Chinese character poster exhibition in Russia Moscow Typomania festival 2018. Li Xu typographic art exhibition as a section of the exhibition Italy Graphic Days Torino // “Casa Cina” project. Li Xu has received some important awards. Such as The first prize of AIGA(re)design Awards 2011.The Gold prize of IDA-International Design Awards 2012.Pentawards 2012 Bronze Award. The London Creative Awards 2011,The Honorary prize at the 2008 Olympic Digital Arts Exhibition of 2008 Olympic Fine Arts, The first prize at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou posters Design Competition, China, The Best Guide Award at the 2007 Design Against Fur competitions, The Honorary prize at the 26th Summer Universiade Mascot Design Contest. He also exhibited his works at many important biennial and triennial exhibitions in : Los Angeles, London, Warsaw, Teheran, Moscow, Prague , Hungary, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Colombia, Ecuador Italy ,Mexico, Bolivia, Ukraine, south Korea, Japan ,Hong kong, Taiwan, Macao, Shanghai, Hangzhou,etc.