Puebla, Pue. MEXICO, June 5, 1974

He has a degree in Graphic Design, graduated from the Benemerita Autonomous University of Puebla with the Cum Laude degree. He is a Master in Communication and Graphic Design at the Centro Universitario Interamericano Golfo Centro.

His work includes Illustration, Branding, Packaging, Scenography, Photography, Poster, Signage and Editorial Design for different national and foreign companies and institutions. He specializes in Paper Engineering, (origami, kirigami, maquigami, quilling and jenigami) and varied DIY techniques.

He has been selected in biennials and triennials of Poster design, Illustration and Photography in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Japan, Belgium, Poland, China, Germany, Korea, India, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Holland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, USA, Ukraine, Finland, Italy, Russia, Iran, Slovakia, Turkey, among many others, and his work has been exhibited collectively and individually and appears in several national and international books and editorial publications.

He was Coordinator of the Meeting of the International Poster Biennial in Mexico, Puebla, 2010. 

He was speaker of the First Design Teaching Symposium of the International Poster Biennial Bolivia BICéBe 2013, Coordinator of the Second Design Teaching Symposium 2015. Co-coordinator of the Third Design Teaching Symposium 2017 of the same Poster Biennial Bolivia 2017.

The University of Camagüey, Cuba awarded him with the “45 year Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz Medal”, for his graphic and academic trajectory and contribution to Latin American culture.

The International Poster Biennial in Mexico awarded him with the Martha Covarrubias 25 Year Medal for his support and coordination of International Design Meetings.

The University of Palermo, Argentina named him along with other international designers “Ambassador of Latin Design”.

He teaches workshops and conferences at national and international level sharing the design methodologies he has developed

 He currently works in his design and illustration studio GAONA BRAND.