Susana Machicao is a Bolivian visual communicator and graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience.
She works also as General Coordinator of the  Biennial of Poster Bolivia BICeBé, an International event that celebrates 10 years on 2019. Regional Coordinator of the Biennial of Latin American Typography, Tipos Latinos., event that brings together 13 Latin American countries.
Founder and director of LATAM_D space that brings together fashion, industrial, product and graphic design designers from Latin America, founder and director of the community Designers Gráficos Bolivia and creator of the Women Designers Project.
In 2016 he obtained a Career Recognition and Professional Design at the University of Palermo in the Latin American Forum of Design Schools. At the beginning of 2018, she was invited to take part as an associate of the China International Design Educator Association C-IDEA.
International Jury, Lecturer and Workshop at several national and international events and is. Ambassador in the Council of Ambassadors of Latin American Design of the University of Palermo in Argentina.