Tomasz Bartz (b. 1986) is a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Bydgoszcz – Poland.

Since graduating in 2010 (MA) Graphic Design Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at UMK Toruń, he worked both on full time and a freelance basis. He has over 15 years of experience in the design field. His artistic and professional work concentrates on visual identities and print design for international brands and cultural institutions.

Most of his art is inspired by typography. His mixed media techniques give his artwork a distinguishing mark of exclusivity.

He has created dozens of logos and brand designs, and continues to push himself in new areas in visual communications and visual art. His poster designs have exhibited worldwide including Poland, Greece, Spain, USA, Mexico and Jamaica. He has been a finalist in International Reggae Poster Contest several times.

Occasionally he executes paintings inspired by popart. For about 10 years, he is also a musician in one of the most popular reggae band in Poland