Zhijun Wang, Vice President of the Academy of Fine Arts, Shanxi University, China, Associate Professor, Supervisor of Postgraduate. He is also the director of Shanxi University Art Museum which is a member of Chinese Artists Association. He is the supervisor expert of the Ministry of Education and Postgraduate Development Center for academic evaluation on degrees, a director of the First National Academy of Advanced Art Education, a member of Digital Creative Professional Committee of National Institute of Basic Education on Computer and China Architectural Society. His design works have won 71 awards such as the first prize in the National Responsible Government Culture Competition, the golden medal in National Digital Design Competition, first prize in China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Exposition, and he also won the prizes in the Ukrainian International Poster Triennial, the Bolivia/ BlCeBéthe International Poster Triennial, the Korea International Poster Biennale and Hong Kong International Poster Triennial. He had won a silver medal in the first “Chinese Art Award, Creation Award” in the 11th National Art Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Culture, China Federation and Chinese Artists Association. He was also the jury member of Ukraine Cow International Design Festival and a member of the Italian International A’ design award,and the jury member of International Poster Biennale Lublin. Design works have been collected by Chinese Art Museum, Hong Kong Cultural Museum, Fifth Art Museum, Richmond, Virginia, Korea Design Association, Sino German Cultural Exchange Center, Germany Chabach International Gallery, Berlin, Etc.