The International Reggae Poster Contest opened the first exhibition of 2016 in Nicosia, Cyprus on 26 February at headquarters of the newspaper “Politis”, as part of the “Graphic Stories Cyprus” events , organized by Aggeliki Michalopoulou-Karra and Miltos Karras. On display were 80 posters from the 2015 winning designers from all around the world. At the opening of the exhibition, the Cyprian Dub Poet and Professor in the Communications Department of the University of Nicosia, Haji Mike, lectured the art lovers from Jamaica to Britain and finally in Cyprus, using as a reference the Reggae music. He also talk about the objectives of the IRPC to build awareness for Alpha Boys’ School and the urgent need to preserve the authentic history of the music. A group of student from the University of Nicosia also attended the opening ceremony. The reception was followed by a reggae party by the Roots Crew Soundsystem while a live audio-visual was streamed on the website of the Cyprus Dub Community Radio.

The IRPC exhibition was part of the second staging of Cyprus Visual Communication Designers, Graphic Stories Cyprus, which took place in Nicosia. The program included lectures and workshops by well known Cyprian and Greek designers, who explored the latest trends in design, sharing their knowledge and experience, while inspiring all attendees to search and think about the future of visual communication.