The Reggae Jam Festival and HELP Jamaica! brought 60 winning posters from the 6th International Reggae Poster Contest to Germany in August. This was the Contest’s 22nd exhibition and the first in Germany. Sponsored by VP Records and Reggae Jam, the exhibition was a great success. It included a silent auction which raised €500 for Alpha Boys’ School.
Maria Papaefstathiou, co-founder of IRPC, thanks Bernd Lagemann (Sheriff), founder and organizer of the Reggae Jam Festival and Hilmar Keding, founder of HELP Jamaica!, for embracing the Contest, the exhibition and Alpha Boys’ School. She would not have been able to hold the exhibition without their enormous support. Maria left Germany, where she was born, and went home to Greece with the hope that she will return to Reggae Jam next year. In the meantime, she is preparing for the next exhibitions this year, including one in Jamaica in November.

Photo by C Nicely