In celebration of the UK premiere of “One Love: The Bob Marley Musical”, we presented in Birmingham Repertory Theatre an exciting exhibition of the 30 most iconic posters of Bob Marley from the International Reggae Poster Contest.

The designers been selected to showcase their work are (in alphabetical order):
Andrew Kamenetsky | Russia
Avi Marciano | United States
Balazs Pakozdi | United Kingdom
Byoung il Sun | South Korea (2)
Cedillo Rodríguez Cristian | Mexico
Charis Tsevis | Greece
Charles Okyere-Afoakwah | Ghana
Colleen Yessman | United States
Enrico Varrasso | Canada
karan Maharshi | India
Lijie Yang | China
Linus Biederman | United States (2)
Marco PeriC | Croatia
Maria Papaefstathiou | Greece
Mazen Shehab | Egypt
Michael Thompson | United States (2)
Mohammad Mozafari | IRAN
Naoya Arakawa | Japan
Nikita Babichev | Russia
Piret Alvre | Estonia
Roozbeh Jafarzadeh | Iran
Saeed Sheikhbaglou | Iran
Seyed Abbas Mirqeisari | Iran
Seyed Abbas Seyed Ebrahimi | Iran
Theo Kontaxis | Greece
Wendy Guerra | Cuba
Xiaoliang Lin | China

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