The Positive Vibration Festival of Reggae collaborated with the International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) to organise the 21st “Art of Reggae” exhibition which opened in the city of Liverpool, UK on June 6, 2018. The Constellations Gallery and Arts Council England also supported the staging of this distinctive exhibition which features the top 100+1 posters in the 6th International Reggae Poster Contest.

There was a huge gathering of art and reggae enthusiasts at the Gallery who certainly appreciated the global range of the amazing posters. Mark Ross, head of sound and build for the festival, opened the exhibition. There was also a silent auction that ran throughout the festival in support of the Alpha Boys School in Kingston, Jamaica. We thank everyone who helped to make this an outstanding exhibition in the UK!

Special thanks to Rory Taylor, festival director for inviting  ”Art of Reggae” to be a part of the Festival; Collen Chandler, assistant festival director/artist liaison; James Kirkham and Mark Ross for their devotion and love! The Positive Vibration Festival continues to celebrate the visual art and powerful sounds of Jamaican culture in all its diversity. Congratulations to everyone!