Andrew Lewis
CANADA Andrew Lewis, an internationally recognized Canadian art director and... Read More
Charis Tsevis
GREECE Charis Tsevis is an award winning visual designer living... Read More
Elizabeth Resnick
UNITED STATES Elizabeth Resnick is a Professor in Graphic Design... Read More
Elmer Sosa
MEXICO Elmer Sosa is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Professor,... Read More
Eric Francis Eshun
GHANA Eric Francis Eshun graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of... Read More
Frank Arbelo
CUBA Cuban graphic designer and illustrator. In Cuba he worked... Read More
Jason Panton
Jason Panton / Jamaica Jason Panton is an artist, designer... Read More
John Moore
VENEZUELA John Moore is one of the most prolific tipographic... Read More
Kathiana Cardona OpArt
VENEZUELA Artist and graphic designer. Born in Caracas Venezuela. Coming... Read More
Li Xu
Beijing, CHINA Curator/Designer/ Professor Li Xu is an Assistant Professor... Read More
Luba Lukova
UNITED STATES Regarded as one of the most distinctive image... Read More
Ola Kot
POLAND Ola Kot is a Warsaw based polish designer. She... Read More
Pamela Campagna
ITALY Pamela Campagna, graduated in economics at the University of... Read More
Richard B. Doubleday
UNITED STATES Richard B. Doubleday is an Assistant Professor of... Read More
Rob Snow
United Kingdom INGREDIENTS 1 creative person, slightly matured 2 tablespoons... Read More
Rory Taylor
United Kingdom Rory is a UK-based Intellectual Property Solicitor, Promoter... Read More
Roy Villalobos
UNITED STATES Roy Villalobos is a graphic designer and visual... Read More
Sergio Olivotti
ITALY Sergio Olivotti, adjunct Professor at the Politecnico di Milano... Read More
Shangning Wang
CHINA Shangning Wang is a graphic designer, a graphic design... Read More
Susan Lee Quee
JAMAICA Susan Lee Quee, is a Digital Design Consultant and... Read More
Suzana Machicao
BOLIVIA Bolivian designer and visual communicator. She has participated in... Read More
Tomoko Miyagawa
JAPAN Born in1976 in Gifu, Japan. Graphic designer Yu-graphic ( Read More
Wu Zhonghao
CHINA Wu Zhonghao, designer, curator, teacher, education psychology, visual strategy... Read More
Yossi Lemel
ISRAEL Yossi Lemel was born in 1957 in Jerusalem Israel.... Read More