The 5th INTERNATIONAL REGGAE POSTER CONTEST is pleased to announce the top 100 winners of the 2016 contest.

The top three winners were successful in securing the Award for Best-designed Reggae Posters 2016. This year, we received 1270 posters by 748 designers from 78 countries! This extension of the contest’s reach is particularly impressive every year. It confirms the sustained global impact of the IRPC. On the platform of the contest, we will continue to spread our vision of a Reggae Hall of Fame Museum in Kingston, Jamaica. And we collectively affirm support for the campaign to heighten awareness of the distinctive legacy of the Alpha Boys’ School.


1st PLACE:

Julia Egorova – Russia. Positive vibrations

2nd PLACE:

Cortney Benvenuto – United States. Lion

3rd PLACE:

Simona Galizia – Italy. Music for peace

The 1st place winner will receive a trip to Jamaica, sponsored by The Montego Bay Jamaica (MBJ) airport in Jamaica and The Spanish Court Hotel; a collection of fonts worth 500€ and gifts offered by VP Records.
The 2nd place winner will receive a Wacom Intuos Art Medium tablet and gifts offered by VP Records.
The 3nd place winner will receive a Wacom Intuos Art Small tablet and gifts offered by VP Records.

Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants! In 2016, we received many outstanding posters. Our only regret is that there can only be 100 winners. All 100 winners will receive an IRPC certificate of participation, and major prizes will be awarded to the top three winners. Big up!

We thank our 26 honorable Jury Members for accepting our invitation to evaluate the IRPC 2015 submissions and select these 100 amazing posters. Nuff respect!

We are also excited to announce that our first exhibition for 2017 will take place in Liverpool, UK.
This exhibition will showcase all the 100 posters from the 2016 collection. More details will be announced soon.

All Winners:

1. Julia Egorova, Russia | Positive vibrations
2. Cortney Benvenuto, United States | Lion
3. Simona Galizia, Italy | Music for peace
4. Dorottya Petery, Hungary | Once upon a time in Zion
5. Manos Stamatinos, Greece | king of music
6. Dimitris Chatzelas, Greece | Vibration
7. Yong Huang, China | Roar sound
8. Pingping Ye, China | Enjoy music
9. Soroush Marouf, Iran | Everything’s gonna be alright
10. Jos Vergauwe, Belgium | And if we should live up in the hills
11. Alessandro Ripane, Italy | Chase the Devil
12. Yuxing Li, Germany | Celebration!
13. Evgenia Vinogradova, Russia | Toward a Reggae Hall of Fame
14. Chen Bo, China | Freedom
15. Batuhan Ruşitler, Turkey | Tregiie
16. Ramon Leon, United States | The Lion Man
17. Elham Khodabandeh, Iran | Reggae music
18. Karolina Berdych, Poland |
19. Damian Kłaczkiewicz, Poland | Reggae-light up the darkness
20. Mauricio Sirias Mayorga, Costa Rica | King Yellow!
21. Patryk Krygowski, Poland | We are together
22. Daniel Shubin, Russia | Songs of Freedom
23. Lena Khamidullina, Russia | Natural Mystic
24. Phillip Taylor, Jamaica | Burning Records
25. Alexey Barhan, Russia | Kings of the Dancehall
26. Pia Taccone, Italy | Reggae garden
27. Onaire Colectivo Gráfico, Argentina | Gep up stand up
28. Leszek Wisniewski, Austria | Forever
29. Andrew SKuja, Canada | Ranking Soundsystem
30. Li Wei, China | Reggae Music
31. Mario Prado, Mexico | The King of Sound System
32. John Hemminger, United States | Dub
33. Mohammad SHafagh, Iran | The 5th International Reggae Poster Contest
34. Rodolfo Jofre, Chile | Burning Spear – The Light of Freedom
35. Xiaoming Zhang, China | Reggae music the habbitat of mind
36. Adam Toonfeld, Australia | Rize Up
37. Lianna Mavronanou, Greece | Outta Space
38. Pablo Garcia, Costa Rica | Reggae Style
39. Keiko Kawashima, Japan | Reggae Festival
40. Louise O’Brien, United Kingdom | Electric Reverb
41. Agostino De Giorgio, Portugal | Rastafari Lion
42. I Gusti Ngurah Prama Yudistira, Indonesia | The face of Reggae
43. Sophie Bass, United Kingdom | Sound System Culture
44. Martin Navaro, Mexico | Reggae Feeling
45. sun lijiang, China | Beating melody
46. Darya Tsitova, Belarus | No, Woman, no cry
47. Dasha Chukhrova, Russia | Reggae
48. Lucie blazevska, Czech Republic | Revolution
49. Vasilis Grivas, Greece | My Jamaican Guy
50. Joshua Terry, United Kingdom | Djembe Heart of Reggae
51. Anastasia Parish, Russia | reggae dance
52. Ramon Leon, United States | Reggae Fertilization
53. Kathleen Schuler, United States | Reach
54. Ali Siabani, Iran | Music color is my thoughts.
55. Daniel Warner, United States | Burning Spear (Winston Rodney)
56. Rafael Augusto Homor, Brazil | What a fisherman can do
57. Karo Ahmadi, Iran | reggae detecting
58. Rachel Haddad, France | A tear of hope
59. Fakin Lunatik, Croatia | Joyride
60. Polina Parygina, Russia | 1975 – Reggae Time
61. Ioannis Tsiamantas, Greece | A Positive Roar!
62. Rúben Pereira, Portugal | Reggae is everywhere
63. Veronika Litvin, Russia | LoveFriendshipPeace
64. Normal Gergely, Hungary | Reggae concert
65. Marc Mathyk, Canada | Reggae Roots: Peace, Love, Music
66. Xiaofeng Chen, China | The Reggae Way
67. Lu Dianjie, China | Reggae Knot
68. Julia Wells, United Kingdom | 54-46 Was My Number
69. Xiaoming Zhang, China | Break Down All Reserve
70. José Ferreira, Portugal | Fragments of Reggae
71. Alexander Harbst, Germany | One Love – Lets get together
72. Aligi Walter Febe, Italy | PULL UP!
73. Gonzalo Holtheuer, Chile | Distortion
74. Andre Hutchinson, Jamaica | Pull Up
75. Justyna Stefańczyk, Poland | Reggae is inside us
76. Zafer Lehimler, Turkey | King series (3)
77. Marijana Ivanova, Macedonia | One Love
78. Normal Gergely, Hungary | Reggae on keyboard
79. Park Ji-hoon, South Korea | One Sound One World
80. Irwan Harnoko, Indonesia | The power of reggae
81. Simon Willimann, Switzerland | Celebrating Great Jamaican Music
82. Gabriele Cuscino, Germany | Be the Dancing Color with the Firm Shadow
83. Yong Huang, China | The voice of peace
84. Bharathi Krithivasan, Venezuela | R For Reggae
85. Etienne Collignon, France | Good Vibrations
86. Catarina Duarte, Portugal | Our songs are our Souls
87. Sonia Diaz and Gabriel Martinez, Spain | high voltage
88. Yang Yinchuan, China | Reggae -Chinese auspicious animals
89. Eylul Camdere, Turkey | Reggae For Peace
90. Javid Pourhosein, Iran | peace music love
91. Edyta Kurc, Poland | Footprint
92. Alessandro Di Sessa, Italy | Reggae is the rhythm
93. Jacek Tofil, Poland | Leroy Horsemouth Wallace
94. Eylem Yıldırım, Turkey | Feel the reggae
95. Sholeh Pardakhtim, Iran | Bob Marley
96. John Patrick Gañas, Philippines | 60 minutes
97. Erfan Meftahpour, Iran | Sound Mixer
98. Ninja Renvall, Finland | Reggae belongs to everyone
99. Darren Smith, United Kingdom | Beautiful People
100. Ahmet Albayrak, Turkey | Everywhere Reggae