11120094_1579192912332668_1419205377_nWu Zhonghao / CHINA

Wu Zhonghao, designer, curator, teacher, education psychology, visual strategy alliance founder, chairman of the Asian graphic design exhibition, AGDIE founder, chief curator. Researchers at the University of Jinan design strategy and prototype Innovation Research Institute, Council member of the international graphic design of ICO-D, American Graphic Designers Association member of the AIGA, Chinese Packaging Federation Design Committee member. As the “China Design Yearbook” editorial, “APD Asia Pacific Design Yearbook” guest editor, won the Leipzig International Poster Festival first prize, the German Political Poster Biennial hundred honor. Black and white graphics design enjoys high reputation in the international community in graphic design. In Italy invited to Mexico, Spain, etc. as the judges. Instructing students to participate in domestic and international design competitions and awards.

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