International reggae music posters are used to spread and promote reggae music, a Jamaican pop music evolved from ska and rock steady music, which has become the mainstream of rock music in the world. In the poster, I used “n” and “d” as the first letters of “nuclear” and “disarmament”. The symbol of peace links all kinds of people’s worship of reggae music in the way of relay. It has a general name of unity and peace and music.
国际雷鬼音乐海报用以传播、弘扬雷鬼音乐——一种由斯卡(Ska)和洛克斯代迪(Rock Steady)音乐演变而来的牙买加流行音乐,已经成为世界摇滚音乐的主流。海报中我用了“N”和“D”是“Nuclear”和“Disarmament”的第一个字母,和平标志把各种人对雷鬼音乐的崇拜用接力的方式连系在一起,有一种团结和和平与音乐的总称。