My design is inspired by a reggae song : AFRICA WE LOVE by Nasio Fontaine.
I used the shape of the African continent as a base and my idea was to use the African WAX, which I always find very interesting graphically and this is an African symbol used in each country of this wonderful continent. . My goal was to create a fresco of African colors with a wax representing the shape of each country. The typography of this magnificent message “africa we love”
is also in wax and is like an extension of the continent. There is also a dedication to this great artist of reggae music : we find the face of Nasio Fontaine in central africa, and a special wax with triple heart in Ethiopia to symbolize the cradle of humanity and the love i have for this country that i had the chance to visit in 2009.
Reggae is always connected to Africa, and reggae fans have much respect and love for this continent, so I use this design to express ONE LOVE and JAH BLESS AFRICA !!!