The brief asked for a poster design exploring how reggae and other Jamaican music impacted the world, and how it incited social and political change. Historically, reggae encompasses a notion of non-aggressive rebellion. Social and political injustices were called out and those being discriminated against could rally behind the music.

The poster employs a neo-expressionistic art style which captures the raw emotion of reggae, as well as the inherent authenticity. Neo expressionism also has a history of portraying themes of anti-establishment and protest. The loose depiction of Bob Marley acts as a figurehead for all of reggae. Marley was one of the most powerful individuals in the reggae scene, and played a part in bringing reggae and it’s message to the world. “Love and prosperity” was the phrase he used when uniting the two opposing UK political party leaders onstage. This is the truest example of reggae’s message and it’s power. Uniting people despite their differences. One love.