Reggae is a style of music that was founded in Jamaica in the late 6th century. Rigge’s statement is indicative of a style of music appropriate to the origin of the Sky and Rocksteady Observer courses.
The basis of the vein is based on a rhythmic basis that emphasizes anti-narcissism (also known as scanning). The vein is naturally slower than SKA and steeper than Rock Stud. The vein usually emphasizes the second and fourth beats of any value, while the rhythm guitar emphasizes the third beat or holds the chords to the second beat until the third beat is played. Its speed and the use of a coherent bass line make the difference between this style and the style of rock studio, although both styles later used these innovations separately.

One of the most popular readers of this genre is Bob Marley. He played an important role in spreading this style of Thought. [1]Yellow

Referring to the cultural background (eg Buddhist voyage) as well as the geography of guidance, the varied or golden yellow sign on the flag of Barbados is the country’s Saturday symbol. In the flag of the authorized country, the banner indicates the authorized wheat fields. This color is yellow from the pan colors and can be changed to keep it in the flag and you can keep it. The yellow state refers to the sun and the sunGreen in Islam is a sign of faith and belief in religion, trust in God, survival and eternity, as well as a Day of Judgment. Green is traditionally the color of Islam. This is the case with countries such as Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

It also has green flags and forest flags on the flag of countries like Jamaica, and the Uzbek flag also indicates greenery and fertility.