My series of posters “maze”, through photography and Photoshop technology, combined with the export “exit”, stand in the perspective of the seller and the trafficked, convey their psychological feelings in this tragedy.
An exit, stands from the perspective of the victim. In the process of being trafficked, the victim is confused and afraid, but he still wants to escape and return home. So in the poster, through the repetitive superposition of exit, the doors show the confusion in the hearts of the victims, but there is always a beam of light on the vanishing point of the door, representing the hope of rebirth. The second one is the exit with light.Using the repetitive superposition of the depth of field effect, the vanishing point is dark, expressing the fruitlessness of human trafficking.The third, from the perspective of the family members of the victims, expresses the family’s expectation of the victims’ return. Use the same technique, door after door to express the family’s expectation again and again.