The issue of “human trafficking” is flooded all over the world, but it seems to be at a distance from us. We hope that through our posters, the visual supplemented by text and images will let viewers feel the message we want to convey. We divide human trafficking into four directions: sexual exploitation, labor exploitation, child sales, and organ sales, and each uses an image to interpret, and at the same time collocation text, weave a paragraph that visually describes “human trafficking” dialogue. Let more people read the topic of “Human Trafficking” concisely and intuitively, understand its seriousness, and start to care about it, reduce victims, and contribute to human rights.

Image expression: “Human trafficking” cannot escape the incentive of money. With money as the core, it runs through the overall poster, trying to connect and present the subtle relationship between the four directions and money in a witty way.

1. Sexual exploitation: Located at the bottom left of the visual, it is presented with the appearance of a person opening his mouth during oral sex, and is presented with the incentive of money.
2. Organ trading: Located at the upper left of the vision, with the image of a scalpel in hand, matched with the kidney, and money perfectly presents the incentives of this black market transaction.
3. Labor Exploitation: Located at the upper right of the vision, with the concept of squeezing people vigorously with hands, it presents a ruthless, cold-blooded exploitation of labor, squeezing their labor in exchange for money.
4. Children’s business: Located at the bottom right of the visual field, holding a lollipop, tempting children and kidnapping and selling, comparing the value of this transaction with lollipops, such cheap candy can bring great money, ironically. Absurd money making behavior.

Literal expression: The two most fundamental elements of “human trafficking” are brought out through the use of words through illustrations and images, the conflicts between “human rights” and “interests.” Supplemented by “consciousness” means that self-awareness cannot be used to prevent deprivation of body and mind. And bring in key texts in four directions to give viewers a different perspective of understanding.

1. Sexual exploitation: Matching with the picture at the bottom left of the visual, with the Chinese words「性自主」、「奴」、「人體」, it shows that a sexually autonomous person is like a sex slave, and the body is at his disposal.
2. Organ trading: Put the Chinese words 「器」、「植入」、「移出」 in the upper left corner of the vision, which means that one’s own organs can be disassembled and installed like building blocks.
3. Labor Exploitation: Located at the upper right of the vision, the Chinese words 「榨」、「勞工」、「力」 are used to bring out the imbalance caused by the squeezed labor.
4. Children’s business: In the lower right of the visual, use the Chinese words 「兒童」、「操控」、「強迫」 to express children’s business. The distorted text brings out the twists and turns of childhood, and when the mental ability is not fully developed, Control and deprivation.