With this poster, I intend to alert people to the “human trafficking” theme that may be a little forgotten in people’s heads. With my poster I intend to send a simple and clear message. According to the figure at the bottom of the poster, I intend to show a little the loneliness that a person may feel in a situation like this. The person is face down, with the hands around the legs. She is completely alone sitting on the floor. I used the negative space and the positive space to give contrast. I used only a few guidelines in some parts of the person’s body to give some volume, but in general the person is very simplified. At the top of the poster I put the title of the theme “STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING” with a simple and legible typography. I used the capital letter for this title because it is undoubtedly the theme of this poster. A little further down I put a sentence. My initial objective of this sentence was that it was something simple that called attention and for that I used the rhyme. With this phrase I mean that this theme is not a story, much less a fairy tale, never to let someone take our value, (glory) nor shape our destiny. With this sentence I intend to appeal to people to never be discouraged by someone else’s comment, to never give more than what we are, not to let other people take advantage of our value and to never stop being who we are because from someone else and letting them “rule” our destiny. I always tried to be very simple during the construction of this last phase of the project to show that simplicity has its value and that a simple thing is much better captured than something very elaborate.